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 New! June 16, 2018

Hourly fee: $50.00. Sliding scale for those on limited incomes.

Troubleshooting  Windows, Internet connections, hardware, third party software and just about anything you have installed or want to install on your Windows system. Additionally, I can shop with you for a new computer or upgrades via remote connection. My entire purpose for this personal and low cost service is to help other people in the world have a more fulfilling experience with their Windows desktops and laptops. Want to become a more DIY computer user?  Ask for a tutorial and I will guide your through any particular task while creating notes for you to save and refer to. The possibilities are endless.

Contact me for a free consultation and get to know the person who has helped hundreds of Windows computer users around the world since 2006. You'll be glad you did.

Weekdays and Weekends
11:00 AM to 10:00 PM:  Eastern Time

When you are ready for remote help click the
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No prepayment - 100% satisfaction guarantee
I accept PayPal and Major Credit cards.

Windows PC Golf Sites
Classic: Links 2003 - Tiger Woods 2008

Modern: Perfect Golf 2018
Tournament sites: OGT and PGLS


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