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You are downloading a temporary executable file about 3.5Mbs in size.
This file is necessary for our computers to connect to each other.

How much?

Your fee will be $50.00 or less for most jobs.

What about a fresh installation of Windows? This process may require exporting custom settings and copying personal files to a Flash Drive or External Drive. The most I charge for a new installation of Windows is $100.00.

All jobs are done with your eyes on the monitor and while we are talking on Skype or the Phone.

No prepayment
100% satisfaction guarantee
PayPal and major credit cards accepted.


Plus. When you become a paying customer you will receive my email address. There is no charge for asking questions via email.

Contact Information

Tel: 1-603-369-4896


Skype Me
Call 24/7  - Voicemail when I am away from my computer.
I return calls between 11:00 AM and 9:00 PM  Eastern Time

Note: Skype is used strictly for voice communication.

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Free Software Suggestions
| CPU-Z   |  Irfanview   |  CCleaner  |  PrintFolders  |   Unigine Benchmark  |  Resolution Changer

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