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I can help you with most anything related to Windows computers, third party software, hardware, Internet connections, working with images, screen captures, email attachments, shopping with you online for upgrades and so much more - all while you sit comfortably in front of your monitor.

I have a business license for TeamViewer7. Just click the image below or use other links on this site to download the file to your system. Note: If you are using a more recent version of the free TeamViewer, please uninstall it to avoid connection conflicts.

Summary:  Troubleshooting, Organizing, Tutorials, Optimizing Windows, Upgrading, Migrate Windows OS from Hard Drive to Solid State Drive, Create System Backups and so much more.  The list is huge with many basic to advanced tasks and customizations that allude many Windows PC owners. 

Contact me, you'll be glad you did.

Average remote session: $30.00
Big Jobs: Never more than $100.00
(you'll know up front)

No prepayment - 100% satisfaction guarantee
I accept PayPal and Major Credit cards.

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Phone: 1-603-369-4896 (24/7)
Skype ID: lees.services

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Weekdays and Weekends
11:00 AM to 10:00 PM:  Eastern Time

Download and save TeamViewer7.

The file for TeamViewer7 is a temporary executable file. It does not install in your system.
When you need remote help, double click the file and run it just before I connect to you.
This is what you will see in the center of your desktop screen.

No prepayment - 100% satisfaction guarantee
I accept PayPal and Major Credit cards.

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Windows PC Golf Sites
Classic: Links 2003 - Tiger Woods 2008

Modern: Perfect Golf 2018
Tournament sites: OGT and PGLS

This site is not affiliated with the designers of Links 2003,
Tiger Woods 2008 and Jack Nicklaus Perfect Golf.

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Windows Optimizer will keep your system clean and running it's best.
Click Here

Driver Booster keeps your device drivers up-to-date in a single click.
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Aida Extreme is a streamlined Windows diagnostic and benchmarking
software that home users can use to check computer performance.
Click Here

WinZip Pro for your FTP transfers and much more.
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