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Windows Remote support for Gamers and the General Public.
Over 4,000 remote sessions since 2006.
Usually just $30.00 to fix your glitch!

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Call: 1-603-369-4893
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Availability: 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM (EDT)

Windows Remote Support
troubleshooting - optimizing - live tutorials
(All the above and much more.)

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During a remote session it's important that we speak on the phone or Skype. There is never an additional fee from me for long distance calls anywhere in the world.

Do you have basic questions about my service or this site? Please use the email address above. I answer emails everyday.

I look forward to our first conversation.

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Average Remote Session Fee: $30.00
If the job is going to cost you more than $30.00 I will tell you upfront.
(There is no billing. This service is based on trust - both ways.)

No prepayment - 100% satisfaction guarantee
When the job is finished and you are 100% satisfied,
return to this page and click the PayPal button below.

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Resources for classic and modern PC virtual golf. 
All three golf games can be installed on Windows 7 and Windows 10.

Pay to play for Trackman Simulators and Windows PC JNPG Virtual Golf.

Mousegolf.com is in no way affiliated with the above golf sites or designers' games.

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