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I work with everyone, not just gamers.

About me: Age 65

My fascination with Windows Personal Computers began in 1998. A friend was playing a video/virtual golf game on Windows 98. I tried the game using a mouse and found the interaction between the computer and the visual/audio experience to be fascinating. I was hooked on Windows and eventually began building my own custom computers.

My gaming experience inspired the domain name "".

I have dived into most every new Windows feature, many third party programs and all the hardware that is used to build a computer. This includes the modem, router, power supply unit (PSU), graphics processing unit (GPU), central processing unit (CPU) Random Access Memory (RAM), motherboards, UEFI BIOS, and everything one can plug into the computer such as; printers, web cams, external drives, audio devices, keyboards, mice, monitors...the list goes on and on.

All the above can be addressed via remote connection and voice communication.

After speaking with hundreds of people (English only) around the world and connecting to their computers over 4,000 times you'll discover why many people have referred their friends to this site. My interpersonal skills put people at ease and help them understand what they are seeing on their monitor as I troubleshoot and/or make adjustments and upgrades.

I look forward to helping you have a much better Windows PC experience.

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Troubleshooting - Optimizing - Organizing - Customizing - Live Tutorials
Over 4,000 remote support sessions world-wide since 2006.
Everything from the modem to the mouse can be addressed.

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PC golf enthusiast since 1998.

Game Handle:  Crusher Golfer

Suggested golf games and golf sites are in no way affiliated with

All include three-click and mouse-movement swing methods.

1.  Jack Nicklaus Perfect Golf aka Perfect Golf (2014 to present): Available through Steam Store: Designer's Website:  Perfect Parallel, Inc. Tournaments sites:  Perfect Golf Ladder System (free to join) and Online Golf Tour (pay to play). Both sites have hundreds of free courses designed by members of the Perfect Golf community.

2. Links 2003: (2003 to present) Available at Links Country Club as download content. The longest supported golf game of all time. The site that has supported Links 2003 since 2005 is Links Sports Network .  The place to get courses for free is Links Corner.

3. Tiger Woods 2008 PGA for PC (2007 to present) .  The only way to obtain a disk and registration key for this game is through eBay, Amazon or some other retail or auction site.  Visit this site,  Course Downloads  for hundreds of free courses and installation help on the latest Windows Operating Systems. 2019 |  privacy policy