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Common Question

Q. "Can you help me migrate my HDD to an SSD?
A. "Yes I can,  by using a Phone or Skype and TeamViewer."
I charge a flat fee of $75.00 for this job.

I suggest these items for migration.


Processors and Motherboards

Gaming Monitors

Gaming Computers

Ultra Fast Solid State Drives

Standalone Video Cards

Battery Backup

Suggested Software

EaseUS Todo Backup software
Your Ultimate Video Converter & Downloader & DVD Burner on Mac, Convert Videos with 30X Faster Speed

Eastern Time: 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM (365)

Sit in the comfort of your own home while I connect to your computer. You can watch the adjustments I make to your system on the screen while we talk on the phone.

Computer help doesn't get any easier than this!

Windows Laptops and Desktops
Troubleshooting - Optimizing - Organizing - Customizing - Live Tutorials
(Everything from A to Z can be learned in live tutorials.)

- Download TeamViewer Quick Support for Remote Help -
Click the image below and save the file to your system.

Download TeamViewer 7 Quick Support


Contact Information
Phone: 1-603-369-4896

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TeamViewer7 is a small file that allows my computer to connect to your computer. We are usually on the phone or Skype before your remote session begins.

Average Fee:  $50.00 - Big Job: $125.00
No prepayment - 100% satisfaction guarantee
I accept PayPal and Major Credit cards.

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